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With over a decade of experience in the food and packaging equipment industry, Smart Packaging is your partner for projects, market development and procurement.

We proudly present the following innovations 

- Minipack MX-Series (THE new tool for Chefs)
- Culidine (the perfect regeneration system for convenient and ready meals) 
- Procurement services for Packaging material, equipment and total solutions


Minipack MX Series

It’s a high-tech kitchen tool utilizing vacuum

5 of the Top 50 restaurants use this technology to drive there dishes to perfection.

This machine changes the way chefs use Vacuum in the Kitchen. A dream of Presizion vacuum in the Kitchen. 

Compression of food

Intensify flavours,

Intense marinating, more flavour in 10 minutes than after 72 hours in the cooling.

cooking of vegetables,

Infusion of liquids and flavours, (e.g. Cold Brew Coffee, Sangria, Limoncello in 20 minutes, etc.)

Infused Cocktails, (infused fresh fruits and other flavours in Wodka or any other (alcoholic) drink

Pickled vegetables

Packaging of hot liquids (complete control over the boiling point.) Packaging of hot products

Optimal packaging for Sous Vide (per product the right level of vacuum before Sous Vide Cooking. (No more destroying of cells in chicken or game) special program per type of product like vegetables, fish, meat, poultry etc.)

The settings are easy to access due to use of Icons, and any changes made by the chef are easily reproducible, just save it incl. Backup


CuliDine provides optimal, controlled and fast regeneration of complete meals while retaining the maximum amount of flavor, texture and nutrition. .


Complete range of Tray Sealers


Tray Sealers

One of the partners of Smart Packaging is Picotech. A Hightech Manufacturer of Tray sealer from Italy. In coperation with Pi.Co.Tech we supply a complete solution for Tray sealer projects,

Procurement services

Electrical components

LED, Dirvers,
Welding equipment

Packaging material

Vacuum Bags

Custom Machinery

Large external vacuum machines
Large chamber vacuum machines



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